Thursday, July 26, 2007

New post for Kimmer

Yeesh! Ya bossy person. *giggle*

Hmmmmmm let's see.....

Ok. How about this. I'm going up north to retrieve DD from her grandmother this weekend. What yummy foods should I buy and bring home with me?

Pasty? mmmmmm I bought some two weeks ago when I brought DD up there
Trenary Toast? really not my thing since I don't drink coffee, but everyone else likes it.
Smoked Fish? mmmmmmmmmmmm

If you live away from where you grew up, are there foods that you miss? Do you buy some when you go visit?


Bravie said...

I live 14 miles from where I grew up. usually I just steal good food out of my parent's pantry. Does that count?

momma said...

wtf is that stuff you mentioned?

Breezy said...

You grew up? When did that happen?

Which stuff Momma? A pasty is a meat and potato pie. Trenary toast is this hard bread stuff with sugar and cinamon and peeps dunk it in their coffee.
Smoked fish isssss welll smoked fish. *giggle*

kim (weltek) said...

Glad you explained the Trenary toast.
I think pasties are blaaaaaand.
I loooooooove smoked fish.

You'd better bring some pb M&Ms for the trip. :-)
You know what I love? Wasabi almonds.

Foods from home? I miss Tuna Noodle Casserole. but I can't bring that or buy that on a road trip.

Have a good drive.

momma said...

a meat and potato pie? that just sounds blucky.

and that toast stuff? well...don't you end up with cinnamon flavored coffee? or coffee flavored bread? what's the point?

Bravie said...

So did you pee on your leash?<--that will so not make sens to anybody except for Breezy the redneck. *grin*

Swami said...

I miss fresh-picked and sun-warm peaches and cherries. I really miss them!

Not all pasties are bland, Kim. Just most of them. They all need to be really realy hot to taste good - cold pasties are sad pasties.

Toast dunking ruins a good cup of coffee.

Does grandma make jam? All trips to grandma's should involve the bringing home of fresh jam.

kim (weltek) said...

Oooh, strawberry freezer jam.

I recall one pasty serving incident where Chris and I found every.single.condiment in the house at MILs to make the pasty have a little flavor.

Puffy said...

England has lots of pasties all over the place, like hamburgers. Every time I saw them, I thought of stripper's pasties.

arkie said...

What I miss from Arkansas is Yarnell's ice cream and Jackson Cookie Company's Lemon Jumbles.

augie said...

*sigh* I am currently living in the house I grew up in, so I don't miss anything from my childhood except my Mom's meatloaf. She made great meatloaf.

However, I do miss a few things from my time in Tampa:

authentic Cuban sandwiches, including the Cuban bread *drool*

almost any item from Le Roy Selman's restaurant in Tampa. Oh.My.Gawd. what an awesome place

Happy hour at the Brandon Ale House with my friends. *pout* I really miss my friends.

lights said...

I'm only an hour away from where I grew up (somewhat). I can't really think of anything I could get there and not here. I do miss the Black Angus beef that my Dad used to raise. We ate so much beef when I was a kid that we were more excited when Mom made fried baloney. It was so tender that I'm not really a big fan of beef anymore because none of it is as good as our homegrown stuff was.

Lisa McMann said...

I miss Fricano's pizza! Luckily we were able to get some on our visit to Michigan.

My kids would say they miss Russ' Restaurant. You know this place, don't you? OMG.

Hey, I just stopped by to deliver some more humidity. :)