Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What not to wear?

I need a personal shopper. I'm tired of looking messy/frumpy. Over half of my clothes right now are 2-3 sizes to big for me... yet I still wear them. Why? Because I hate clothes shopping! Hate it. I have no clue what to buy, what looks good on me. *sigh*

DD and I are going shopping this weekend. I plan on atleast getting a new pair of jeans that fit. But I'm askeered that, that is ALL I will come home with. I always start out with good intentions and then get frustrated trying things on.

Can anybody help me? Or am I beyond help.

Bravie and darcidoe do NOT need to answer that last question.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boooooooo Cookies!

I have Boo Cookies! *hops around*

I also got my OT SS package yesterday, yesterday was a good day.

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I have some more baking tonight to do. I want to bring some goodies up north with me this weekend. I haven't wrapped any of DD's presents yet. Need to do that some day.

We're supposed to be getting a major storm tonight/tomorrow. We'll see. They haven't been right lately. If they're right on this one they said 6-12 inches. Ack!

For Darcidoe, a pic of the snow she got last night.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Did you hear that?

I think I heard some cookies crumbling!!!

Let's hear it? Who's got cookies!?!?!?!

I plan on doing my baking this weekend.