Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little too fishy?

That's what DD thought about the college last week. Ha!

While they seemed to have a great biology department and small enough that she would get a lot of hands on work, they may be a little too fish orientated for her.

The campus tour was very nice and she was overwhelmed with information, but is now ready to visit a few other campuses to compare schools. Yay?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Fast Trip

We have our first college visit next week.  We're visiting a college up in the UP and then heading to my Mom's for a weekend quick visit.

It was supposed to be a weekend visit, but DD realized she has to be back here on Sunday for life guard orientation at 1 for her summer job. *sigh*  So we'll have to get up early at the butt crack of dawn to drive back home.

It's all going by too fast!  Prom this weekend, college visit next weekend and then she starts her job the following the weekend.  Summer!

I sure hope I can have some lazy summer days soon.