Wednesday, February 18, 2009

60 Miles doesn't scare me

It's the fundraising! Ack! *thud* I'm so not a sales person.

So yes, I have added the donate widget to this blog, my health blog and my craft blog.

I was reading the message boards at 3 and seeing all the ideas for fundraising... and got overwhelmed.

My craft day with my girlfriends is this weekend. A couple of them have done craft shows, so I plan on picking their brains Sunday.

Why? Let me tell the why, that I am doing this. My Mom. *waves to yoopernurse* She is a 12 year(right? It's been 12 years? Ayla is 13) survivor of breast cancer. Breast cancer can be hereditary so I want them to continue their research.

(oh and Kimmer begged me. LOL)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pandora Radio

I added a new app to my addiction down there. *points* It's Pandora Radio, but guess what? You can listen and use it online too. It's free!

How it works. You type in an artist, song or genre and it builds a radio station based on that. You can rate the songs it comes up with with a thumbs down or up (that helps the server choose the next songs). The only thing is, you can only skip so many songs an hour. But it's free. Free music on your computer anywhere.

Oh and you can shuffle between your personal radio stations too.

Check it out.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Addiction

Oh my. Ummmmm. Good thing it's almost the weekend. I splurged my mileage check on an iTouch today. This thing is awesome!!! DD is sooooooo jealous. She's mad that she didn't know about this thing before Christmas. She would have asked for one instead of the new Nano.
I've only download a few applications so far but one was BeJeweled 2. I'm addicted. I love that game. I used to play for hours on my old computer. Now I can play on my iTouch!
I downloaded a free treadmill workout on it, extremely cool. I'm going to see how I like running to audiobooks next. *skip*
Bonus! I'm a super cool Mom now.