Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Randoms

1. I canNOT believe that tool jbugssme called us all old and stupid. She clearly has no brain cells. Stick to companion threads, honey. *shakes head*

2. Is it just me? Or wouldn't you rather see Sanjana with people instead of by himself in pics?

3. It was in the 90's with 99% humidity yesterday, today 69 and no humidity.

4. I just got a tune up on my car.

5. Above is probably good, since I'm going up north this weekend.

6. *smooch* for MTW since he's been whining about needing them.

7. DD is getting too big, just too big. Remind me to post the pic of her in her bridesmaid dress.

8. I can run for 28 minutes straight, next week I go for 30.

9. I like 9. 9 is one of my favorite numbers.


Bravie said...

Jbugsme is an asshole.
I agree about the banana pics.
We are having earthquake weather.
9 is my favorite number.

MTW said...

Hmm. Thanks. I think.

Breezy said...

Hey! I can take that smooch back ya know. *hand on hip*

MTW said...

Oooh, I like the "hands on hip" look. :)

Thanks for the smooch! *smile*

Puffy said...

The Beatles liked #9, too.

arkie said...

I like the Sanjana pics that way. I think they're funny. The pics of "here I am with a banana" get old to me.

momma said...

1. Feh. I'm over her.

2. Oops. I took a Bruiser pic by himself once. *grin* I'm over that, to a point.

3. No humidity? I hate you.

4. I need to take my car in. Blah.

5. Where are you going?

6. *smooches* for you and mtw.

7. Hurry up and post the picture already. Is she taller than you? What size is she in?

8. I can run for maybe 28 seconds.

9. Okay.

Bravie said...

Momma and I could go jogging together. I think she has me beat by about 3 seconds. *snort*

Swami said...

1. Don't know her.

2. I liked both kinds. It depends on how thye are put together, I guess.

3. Be patient - more nasty heat is coming.

4. I need an oil,change.

5. Have fun! How far north?

6. Well the poor guy is all by his lonesome just now...

7. Post the pic! Post the pic!

8. Lol, I can barely walk for 28 minutes straight.

9. I was trying to figure out why 9.9 was one of your favorite numbers. Who has a decimal in their favorite number? Then I got it. My favorie number is 22.

Swami said...

And I was your ninth comment so I must be your favorite today!

Debcapsfan said...

You know, now that I've had the epiphany about what bothers me so much about her, she doesn't bother me so much.
I'd rather have Sanjana with people than Sanjana in cutesy poses.
*smooches for everyone*
I'm impressed with the running.

Luna said...

Oh, good, I kind of thought I was overreacting when she called us old! Phew!

MM said...

WooHoo, I can go running with Carey and Momma! :)

I do prefer people in the nana pics, but I also get how some people want to meet the nana without having to be seen in the pics on the internet.

*waits for pic of DD*
*smooches MTW*

And where did jbug call us old? I missed that.

MTW said...

See jbug's "So This Explains IT" thread.

MM said...

I feel dumb (old?). ;-)

I hadn't opened her thread before so I had no idea what was there. Interesting how she completely ignores certain posts. *rolls eyes*

Monstah said...

Looks like I missed some OT drama?

So. #4 and #5 are code, right?

Kimmah said...

i had to rewrite my response on that thread about three times so i wouldn't be overtly mean.

i like any kind of banana pics that are funny or interesting.

i am actually very tempted to try to run, but i'm going to wait until my surgeon releases me. i was at PT on the treadmill today and was shocked to find that i really WANTED to run. i just ramped up the incline instead and that quashed my urge.

nine is my favorite number, but i like even lists.

i can't remember anything else from the post. i'm old and feeble, i guess.

momma said...

I'm still waiting on a pic of DD.

Anonymous said...

I like it when you get fiesty.

1. I honestly always have to go and search for the jbug crap because I usually don't even open her threads or I just zip right by them. Maybe I should start fucking with her.

2. I have posted a few Sanjana pics of him by himself. Are you saying you didn't like my pics?

I really don't mind either picture, as long as they're funny or interesting. I think I may know which ones you are referring to and, in this case, I'm glad it's just of the banana. I really didn't feel like seeing that person in a bikini again.

3. That's a big swing. We had some really good high heat, high humidity days earlier in the week, and there's been less humidity during the past two. But nothing below 85 thank Cod.

4. These are the things that make me "happy" I married a mechanic.

5. Where are you going this weekend?

6. I had a dream about him last night, I'll have to post about it.

7. I'm reminding you. This makes me happy and sad.

8. I'm so very proud of you. I ran for about 5 seconds this morning to avoid someone's sprinklers.

9. Eh, it's okay.

Bravie said...

*does a farmer's blow*<--just because she isn't here. *grin*
Just wait until I do a colonblow. *snort*

momma said...

WTH is a farmersblow? Or am I better off not knowing?

Bravie said...

Totally better off not knowing. *snot rocket*

Breezy said...

Momma??? you go to the farm and you don't know what a farmer's blow is? *shakes head*

kim (weltek) said...

I got to see Breezygirl, and yep, she's growing FAST! Such a beautiful young woman (who reminded us she was a kid by taking about scrubbing her dirty feet before the wedding). Everyone kept commenting on how she's getting taller than Breezy.