Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So not ready!!!

OK, emotionally I am. I'm ready to get on the plane and get away from here. But materially, physically and stuff? Not even close. *sigh* Do you think the bosses would mind if I had my assistant run errands for my vacation for me all tomorrow morning instead of doing work?

Help me!!!!! Apparently I'm a freak cause I don't do lists. *grins at Boo* (OMH the real freak is Bravie, her list making for vacations is mind boggling.) So anyway... where was I? SEE! That's my problem!! I keep getting side tracked and I forget things. *sigh* Like tonight for example... I was looking at wall chargers for DD's iPod and had one in my cart... set it back to go look at other ones and got distracted by the disaposable cameras... then I saw the candy aisle... need snacks for the plane.... oooohhhh travel lotion... I need that.... where's the baked cheetos in this place. *sigh* I get home. No iPod charger. *sigh*

Breezy's vacation travel lists

In luggage-

-socks (I'll be wearing sandals in Hawaii, right?)
-shorts, capris and shirts
-summer dresses
-sandals (if anyone happens to know which box I packed these in... please let me know)
-travel bathroom bag
-cellphone charger

In carry on-

To do tomorrow-
-pick up DD's book at B&N
-tan for last time
-make dinner for everyone
-packup Morgan (getting picked up tomorrow night)
-finish packing
-run around like a crazy person
-look at house for sale

Please help me. What am I forgetting?


Puffy said...

I don't think you're allowed to take water in your carry-on bag. I always pack a change of clothes in my carry-on bag just in case it gets lost. Have fun! And how'd you get away during tax season?

Bravie said...

I prefer to call it efficiency. Hrmph.

momma said...

I think the sandals are in the box under your bed. You know, the one with all the crap you swore you weren't unpacking until you needed it in July....

Bravie said...

And did you ever get the charger?
Because don't forget, we have stores here in California. So if you need to pick anything up, I bet we might have it. *smirk*
We even have a Barnes & Nobles. Two of them. Both two story. :)

Swami said...

I think you can carry water so long as it is in a tiny bottle and the bottle is in a ziplock bag.

I make lists of mind-boggling specificity and check everything off as I pack it. I also bring the list with me so I can check everything off again on the return leg.

Lists are things of beauty.

frodis said...

Puffy is right. Don't bother with the water in your carry-on because you will have to get rid of it before you go through security.

Any other carry-on liquids/gels/whatever have to be in a clear zip-loc no bigger than 8"x8". And you can't have more than 3oz of any one thing.

You might want to consider bringing chapstick in your carry-on if you're prone to chapped lips. The carry-on water restriction is kind of a pain and I found I needed to apply chap stick liberally and often.

Have a wonderful time! My rule of thumb is not to stress too much about packing. You're not going to the third world, so anything you forget can be picked up when you get there. :)

kim (weltek) said...

I'd like to be stressing about going to Hawaii right now.

Don't forget your sunglasses like last time. And don't let DD forget hers.

Did you pack a hat and sunscreen?

Pam said...

"-packup Morgan (getting picked up tomorrow night)"

I dunno, I think I'd take the Captain with me.

Have a wonderful trip!

Bravie said...

LOL. I don't think she leaves home without the Captain.

Glowie said...

I swear I looked here today.

Carey, I need you to make me a list for my cruise, okay? Thanks.

Books. I like books.

Who's picking up Morgan?

Bravie said...

I totally will, Glowielove. I make

Breezy said...

*rolls eyes* you didn't make me one.

I don't understand the water thingy, I'm almost postive they didn't make me throw away my bottle of water last time.

kim (weltek) said... are the water restrictions from the TSA.

Bravie said...

I didn't make you one because I was mad at you. If you were nicer to me then I would have made you one.

momma said...

Well? Are you all packed yet?

Anonymous said...

I thought I looked here as well. I know I did because I was looking for another darn quiz!

I hope you have a super terric time. And it looks like you picked a good time to get away.

Have fun with Carey. I am super jealous of course.

And don't forget whatever it was you were supposed to bring to your mom. I'll remind you in Bravie's blog as well.

kim (weltek) said...

Uhoh! She still has unchecked things on her list. Surely if she did them, she'd take the time to stop back here & cross them off, right?

*looks up and waves at Breezy & Breezygirl* Hope the weather isn't causing flight problems.

Bravie said...

Ack!!! I didn't forget to pick you up at the airport did I?

Breezy said...


Bravie said...

Back at ya babe.

Glowie said...

every day I come here looking for an update. every day.

momma said...


You've been back for weeks now. Practically months.

When do we get to hear you brag about how warm and sunny it was? And how beautiful the beaches and stuff were?

Bravie said...

I don't think she really went to Hawaii.

momma said...

Did she hide out in your closet?

Bravie said...

No, I think she followed Barry Manilow around in concert all week.