Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sooooooooooo good

mmmmm I'm right this minute eating a pizza sub. mmmmmmm Sooooo not on my diet. But I don't care. :)

Currently it feels like -10 here, up where my Mom normally is? -33.

All sorts of activities have been canceled around town today. Not the hockey game though. Should I go? One of the ref's is giving me tickets.


thndrkttn said...

Bad Breezy!! Consider me completely and utterly jealous. My cheat for the week? Putting a
bit of lowfat shredded cheddar on my vegetables Friday night. *sigh*

Kimmah said...

oh, god, sauce sounds heavenly right now.


kim (weltek) said...

Is the ref cute? Then yes, go. :-)

Know what I like? Cousin's hot veggie sub. I don't like most of Cousin's subs, but dis one? Es goot.

A pizza sub sounds yummy. Is it from Subway? I've had theirs, but they put too much meat on it. Otherwise, TASTY!

Breezy said...

He was ok, although I know find out he might be married. Not that it mattered, we didn't go to the hockey game.

Nope the sub was from a local pizza & sub shop. mmmmm it was soooo good.

Tomorrow's weigh in will not be pretty.

Swami said...

Kim, I so got dirty thoughts when you said you loved your cousin's hot veggie sub! I almost blushed for you.

Swami <---has never heard of Cousin's.

Puffy said...

We have a Cousin's sandwich place near me, but it's probably a different owner.

Breezy said...

*snort* at Swami

kim (weltek) said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.