Friday, April 02, 2010

Crossing my fingers

Here's hoping my kitchen floor looks like this Sunday night. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so DBF and I will be ripping up the old nasty tile floor and sanding (hopefully not much) and then laying down a new Pergo wood floor! *hop*
I also bought a cabinet to go where the old dishwasher is. I'm tired of digging for a pan and having them all crash down. We never use the dishwasher, I don't like dishwashers. I have a teenager for that!


Glowie said...

We have a floor like that in our dining room. He also put similar flooring in my "dressing room". I didn't help with it in any way (I was working when he did the dining room with his uncle and I wasn't allowed to see the other room until it was done) so I don't have any tips or warnings or anything.

I just wanted to say it's beautiful. I love it. Good luck!

Bravie said...

How fun. New floors make a huge difference. I can't wait to see pictures.

Puffy said...

After seeing the picture above, yours does look just like this one. I love the color.