Thursday, September 11, 2008

Her First School Dance!




Ok, so DD's first school dance is tomorrow night. Help me come up with some "rules". You know. All those things you did at the school dances when you were bad bad bad kids. Yes I'm talking to you.

1. No close dancing.
2. No kissing.
3. No sneaking off somewhere just to "talk".
4. No letting some smelly little boy put his hands on your aras while slow dancing.

Help! I know there's more. I'm old and tired today, can't think.


Anonymous said...

No drinking the punch.

No strapless dress.

No leaving the dance to go to some other event.

*thud* is an understatement. Sorry dear.

kim (weltek) said...

*hugs* *screams* I'm sorry that day is finally here, Breezy!

The sneaking off somewhere is the biggest one.

Bravie said...

I was the bad kid. As a bad kid I can tell you that my parents gave me all kinds of rules and advice and I never once followed it.
Luckily for you, Ayla is NOT the bad kid that I was. So the best advice that I can give is to just remind her that "NO" is always an acceptable answer. And saying no will show what a strong young woman she is. Just remind her of that. Giving in to peer pressure doesn't make her cool.
And if all else fails remind her that you are the Mom and you may or may not be spying on her. And if you find out that she did anything wrong she'll lose her phone, her Wii, her handheld games, her makeup, her basketball, her softball, her her her anything that is not necessary to sustain life. *grin* (okay, maybe, it's just possible, that might be a little on the strict and extreme side) :)

Maroonclown said...

No Political Discussions.

kim (weltek) said...

*snort* @ MC.

I also agree with Bravie. It won't hurt to occassionally show up at things where she's present. Even just passing by at the local football game and saying hi will reminder her that you are ever watchful. Those situations where I KNEW my parents wouldn't be were when I misbehaved most.

darcidoe said...

Why aren't you chaperoning the dance? Why can't she slow dance? At that age there are only three boys willing to dance with girls so that rule won't be as big of a problem as you think.
Please! Please! Please, tell her that she can say no to a friend and they will still like her and if they don't they weren't much of a friend to begin with. Most of all tell her to be decisive. If she is wishy washy the bad influence friends will exploit that. Unless of course Ayla is the bad influence (she is your daughter.) *evil grin*

Tummy said...

Wow, I wish there had been a blogland when Bre was this age! You smaht people.

The biggest thing I had success with is letting Bre know the parents of her friends and I were friends and that we talked....about them, if fact I probably said the words "we compare notes". In a small town it worked like a charm.

And why aren't you chaperoning, you'd be a cute chaperone and Ayla would be embarrassed when all the boys said you're a MILF. :)

Bravie said...

She won't chaperone because most of the students are taller than she is. *runs*
Making fun of her height just never grows old.

Breezy said...

*whacks meaniepoopooface*

LMAO I did tell her I was going to chaperone (which I would if they needed volunteers) and she freaked! "You'll embarrass me Mom!" Ummmm duh, that's what Mom's are for. *grin*

ooooh yes no wishy washy, I remember that. LOL and yeah, I remember the slow dancing during jr high.

Swami said...

No sneaking off should be number 1. and number 5.

I see nothing wrong with close dancing, really. It can be the sweetest thing.

Agree you could drop by for a quick look, but probably not talk to Ayla or her friends. Just show the flag and leave.

Maybe mention that you know the chaperones? Tummy is right that she will fear/respect that whole "we talk about what our kids are doing" thing.

Good luck with staying same that evening!

Swami said...

I meant, "staying sane."

kim (weltek) said...

Chris made a short joke about Breezy today. He didn't know where the little magnetic calendar on our fridge came from. He said "This looks like a little Breezy project....and I mean little Breezy, not little project." I said Carey would be proud of him.

Bravie said...

Chris is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites, ever. *grin*

Breezy said...

I was just informed this dance happens right after school. *giggle* I'm not so worried now.

kim (weltek) said...

Ah yes, that's when our middle school dances took place, too. The gym/cafeteria was dark, but it was still sunny outside!

Crazy side note...Chris helped his friend DJ a middle school dance once (they were in high school). It was MY middle school dance! I didn't know him at the time, it was when we met four years later we realized it. LOL! It was also the dance where I got my first REAL boyfriend, Jake. We danced to "Crazy for you" by Madonna.

Anonymous said...


MM said...

Ack...I guess I'll have this same issue coming up soon, too. Good luck and let me know what actually worked, lol.

And I think the dances here are immediately after school, too.

Breezy said...

She had fun and was sweat from head to toe. She didn't dance with any boys.

momma said...

Yay! Glad she had fun and stayed away from the icky boys :)

Puffy said...

I'm late to the blog. I was going to say that often only the girls dance with each other.

dragonflies said...

Yup, nowadays they all dance in big groups. According to DS, the 8th grader, nearly no one dances just boy/girl.

Glad she had fun Breezy!