Monday, September 08, 2008

Do you know what time it is?

It's Opening Season Weekend!!!! Woohooo yesterday was awesome. Football!!! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Course the best part is tonight when my Packers take the field for their first game. *crosses fingers* I hope Aaron does ok.

LMAO Did any of you watch the Lions game? *snort* Gawd they are awful! They made Atlanta's rookie QB look like a 10 year veteran. Their defense still sucks hairy nasty donkey balls. Doesn't TO realize we're all over him? His endzone celebration was *yawn* boring and predictable. Get a real life TO! OMH! Brady out for the season!?!?!?! That's huge!

*big grin* I love Football Season. My only dilemna this year is figuring out who's jersey I need to buy. *sniff* I can't very well wear one of my two #4's, now can I?


kim (weltek) said...

I agree, it was so nice to have it back. And the weather was perfectly fallish.

Brady's injury could be huge. TO made me roll my eyes, but whatever. Favre did well, and it was an interesting game with Pennington playing, too. It just wasn't the same, though, watching Brett with another team that wasn't familiar to me.

I'm excited for the game tonight, but how tough for Rogers to make his debut on Monday Night Football. Yikes!

College football excites me more than professional does right now. I think it's fun to see new players every few years and who rises to the top. A kid from my hometown made a Badger touchdown Saturday, as a walk-on freshman. Yay Brady Ewing!

Bravie said...

Why can't you wear your GB #4? I totally would. I still and will always wear my 49er Jerry Rice Jersey. Even when he was with the Raiders, I wore it. I even wore it to the 49er/Raider game.

Football sucked monkey balls yesterday. I hate football and I am never watching again. My team is full of a bunch of girls and my coaching staff couldn't win a game against a Pop Warner game. Don't even get me started on our lame ass owners. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Fricking football. Grrrr.

kim (weltek) said...

Breezy needs a new Rogers jersey.

I still wear my Chmura jersey. *hangs head in shame*

Julia said...

Anyone wanna buy me a Jacobs jersey?

All they seem to sell in my size is frakkin' Eli Manning, and I'm not touching that pile of potential failure.

frodis said...

I taught Lauren how to say "touchdown!" yesterday, complete with her arms up over her head.

Mr. Fro was in the kitchen, and she ran in there, ran to the living room, and ran back into the kitchen, stopped, and threw her hands up and said "touchdown!"

*sniff* That's my girl.

Breezy said...

Yay Lauren!!!

I know I can still wear the #4, but my heart is still too tender for that. *sniff* I'm thinking maybe a KGB one, if he leaves... I won't be as upset.

mmmmm Chuey, I still love Chuey.

darcidoe said...

I think I gave my Chmura jersey to Goodwill. I will have to check. But with my hockey jerseys I might not have room for it anyway.
I agree, Wendy, it is too soon to wear #4. Do you still have the one Dad gave you? I think it happened to be the same number as Sharpe.

Breezy said...

That was a t-shirt and it exploded a few years ago. It was old.

darcidoe said...

What on Earth were you doing? Personally I would get a #19 Red Wings jersey/sweater but that is just me :)

Breezy said...

LOL I wasn't doing anything! *adjusts halo*

GO PACK GO!!!! WOOOOHOOOO Aaron got his first win. *whew*

Swami said...

I am so-so on football these days, but I did watch the game on Monday night. Even though the Vikes suck even more than usual on Mondays and the Pack has totally had their number for the past couple of years. Along with most other teams, lol.

Agree that Brady out is HUGE.
I have a Moss jersey in the back of my closet.

kim (weltek) said...

Darci-do you forgive me for still wearing mine?

A KGB jersey would be good, Breezy. I've also been thinking of a Tauscher jersey since he came out of UW Madison.

darcidoe said...

Kim - I have no problem with you wearing yours. I think my giving it to Goodwill had more with not wanting to move to a new place with as much stuff. I live in Spokane, WA, so very likely the Monday Night game will be that only time I see the Packers play this year.