Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Girl

Why hasn't she gotten a clue that no I don't want any of her candy, cheese, whip cream, nuts.....?

It's been three weeks.

Someone please explain to her that I'm not a person that likes perky people. Please?


frodis said...

*shuffles quietly away with head down and candy, cheese, nuts and whipped cream behind my back. . . *

Breezy said...


From you I will only except it if it's on a stick.

Bravie said...


dragonflies said...

You turn down whipped cream? *boggle*

Anonymous said...

*turns Breezy's virtual fly swatter into a real one*

yvonne said...

*boggle* You don't like perky people????? What are you, some kind of freak or something???


*knows that everyone loves perky people*


~Nutz said...

*holds out an offering of whip cream on a stick*

*watches it fall to the floor*

Ooops! :D

Puffy said...

LOL's at all you guys!

Breezy said...

No no no only Frodis can give me stuff on a stick, I think? I'm guessing that my funny mail came from Frodis. *grin*