Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring may finally be here

I took Morgan for a 3 mile walk this morning! I think Spring may finally be here. Yay!!! The walk felt pretty good. After the 6 miler last weekend, I pulled a muscle in the back of my right leg down to my knee. It hurt, it stung. It was a little tight today and I can feel it now, but no where near as much pain. I'm going to try and do another 3 miles tomorrow before I start cooking the Easter ham.

Oh and speaking of Spring, LOL, I helped DBF set up a blog this morning.


yvonne said...

It rained all day today, then the sun came out full blast about 6pm. I'm hoping tomorrow is nice as I have plans that include Lowes and Home Depot (and a chocolate Easter bunny who is currently missing his ears).

Mmmmmm -- chocolate Easter bunnies!

kim (weltek) said...

Yay for training! Bummer on the injury, though. Take it fairly easy, so I will still have a walking partner in August!

I promise to start real training in May. The weather has been better, but my to-do list is soooooo long right now. When classes are over, I'll be a walking machine again.

darcidoe said...

(checking calendar... April 14th) Why is there snow outside? I think you cursed me by saying Spring is finally here. We got about an 1 to 3 inches of snow last night.