Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green Acres

These pics were taken on the 7th. The first one is my beans, second is zucchini cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, the third is a close up of the cherry tomatoes

These were taken today!!! My beans are getting so big! How big before I have to transplant them? Anyone know? I want to wait as long as possible to put them out in the garden. Last year we had frost right up til Memorial Day.


kim (weltek) said...

Fun! Looks like you did good work!

I have tried three years of growing my own from seed like that and only one year had success, due to cat interference (we even built a little greenhouse and the cats ate through it). I finally gave up for as long as we have cats.

The year I had success, I let everything grow fairly sturdy. If you are concerned the beans are growning too fast, start taking them out of the sunlight for all day. It might slow the process. Make sure you "harden" the seedlings off before planting them in the garden. Slowly introduce them to the natural temps outside (just during the day for a few days, taking them in a garage or such at night, then doing overnights for awhile). Just put them somewhere safe from too much wind. I think some of mine could've benefited from a little more hardening off.

Swami said...

Your seedlings look great!

Uh - what Kim said about hardening them off. I like beans. Beans are a warm-weather crop, yes? So they don't like cold wind and won't grow much til the soil warms up. Maybe mulch the transplants with some black plastic to help warm up the soil? Ditto the tomatoes. Around here tomatoes put out before early June just sit there & wait for warmth before they start to put on significant new growth.

I am going to try growing tomatoes in those upside down hanging containers this year. Have you ever tried that?

Breezy said...

I haven't tried the upside down thing yet. I may do one this year though. You don't need anything special, you just plant the tomato plant through the bottom drain hole on a pot and hang it.

I think these plants have been hardening already. We haven't been running the pellet stove and it gets very cool in the house during the night.

Anonymous said...

I have no clue. Was there anything about that in my Dummie thread?

Bravie said...

Beans make you fart.

Tummy said...

Hardening also helps them not get "sunburned". So a few hours a day.

And google wallowater. I use these on my tomatoes to get a longer growing season. I only plant 6 tomato plants so it doesn't cost much.