Wednesday, February 18, 2009

60 Miles doesn't scare me

It's the fundraising! Ack! *thud* I'm so not a sales person.

So yes, I have added the donate widget to this blog, my health blog and my craft blog.

I was reading the message boards at 3 and seeing all the ideas for fundraising... and got overwhelmed.

My craft day with my girlfriends is this weekend. A couple of them have done craft shows, so I plan on picking their brains Sunday.

Why? Let me tell the why, that I am doing this. My Mom. *waves to yoopernurse* She is a 12 year(right? It's been 12 years? Ayla is 13) survivor of breast cancer. Breast cancer can be hereditary so I want them to continue their research.

(oh and Kimmer begged me. LOL)


Bravie said...

All of my jealousy aside, I am super proud of you for doing this. I know we've talked about it for a couple of years and I think it's wonderful that you are finally doing it.
And I have faith in you that you will raise the funds. I'll even donate a dollar to your cause. *grin*

kim (weltek) said...

heeey, stripping is NOT a good fundraising plan! *hands bravie back her dollar*

P.S. This means Breezy is my favorite at least until August. :-)

Anonymous said...

You are going to have one of the most incredible weekends of your life.

Just so you both know, I will donate to both of you. I can't do it right now, but I have budgeted for a donation before you go.

I have been going back and forth for the past week about what to do for this year. I was hoping that I would just be able to surprise you at one of the Pits, but it is not going to work out.

I love you both muchly and, beneath my sobs, I am so happy and excited for you both.

Kimmer knows. But for you, my dear Breezy, I honestly cannot begin to put into words how awesome it's going to be and how proud I am that you're going to do it.

yoopernurse said...

15 years 1993 April Great Wendy I wish I could join you. But not sure I would beable to. LOVE YOU

Swami said...

Sixty miles does scare me. I would be more likely to do one of our "Polar Plunge" events - where you get donors to sponsor you as you jump through a hole in the ice into a frozen lake. They pull you right out and give you a blanket & hot chocolate, so you're all done in just a couple of minutes.

Cold doesn't scare me. Walking for hours on my bad knee? ACK!

Puffy said...

I wanted to participate, as a member of the crew. I really did, but family got in the way. There's a slim chance that I might be in Chicago that weekend. Good luck on what will be an unforgettable experience. My donations are in for both of you.