Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Mother Nature

Next week is the first day of Spring. Do you think you could possibly start acting like it?



Zombs said...

Dear Breezy,

Meet me in Hawaii then.

Mother Nature

darcidoe said...

I'm there!! Here it is nearly noon and it is still below freezing and I am actually planning on going running.

yoopernurse said...

7 degrees in the up

Bravie said...

*snort* I thought you were going to complain about A having PMS this week. LOL

MM said...

I will not talk about the weather here then since it might cause an upset. *zips lip*

Tummy said...

Dear Breezy -

I like people in Oklahoma better than those in Michigan. Sorry, deal with it.

Like you a little,
Mother Nature

Breezy said...

*kicks Tummy*

Puffy said...

80 degrees here for the past couple of days.