Thursday, September 13, 2007

Busy Randoms

1. Seems like I have something going on after work every single day for the past two weeks. I can't wait until I can sit on my couch and veg after work.

2. This weekend is my real last chance to do any heavy cleaning before Carey is here. Ack!

3. It's hard to clean when the house still isn't all put away, ya know? I want to move the computer into the extra bedroom... but it's been a dumping ground and needs to be cleaned out first. *sigh* I also want to get the futon set up in there. *sigh*

4. Washer still isn't hooked up. We blew out the water lines Saturday and a ton of crud came out, but I guess not it all. We still have very low cold line water pressure. *sigh* I hope he runs the new lines this weekend. But I'm not going to hold my breathe.

5. DD and I will be in Chicago next weekend celebrating her birthday (which is the 26th). (Hence why THIS weekend is my final chance to power clean.)

6. I think I may buy a new suitcase before next weekend. I need one.... I just might.

7. I also may go shopping at Penny's this weekend (if I finish my chores at home) and bring Pooh's list with me. *grin*

8. I have to pee.

9. I love the number 9, it's my favorite number.


Bravie said...

Hey!!! 9 can't be your favorite number. It's mine. You're just being a copycat. *huff*

momma said...

I know the feeling.

I desperately need to do a deep clean on the house...but I don't wanna. Sounds like this weekend is going to be lots of cleaning and housework fun.

Tell P to get busy!!!

Have much fun in Chicago next weekend...where will you be shopping this year?

Breezy said...

American Girl store for sure and the Lush store. Not sure on the rest, will probably just wander around MI avenuve for awhile. Also need to figure out if we're going to do a museum or anything on Sunday.

dragonflies said...

We hadn't been to the Museum of Science & Industry. Kids loved it. I really liked AG store too. Although having tea was way too expensive. We passed and went to the restaurant across the street instead.

Now I know why I really love August. I have something to do every evening after work until March. Those 2 months we don't have swim.

I have a headache, but I'm not in your blog complaining. Just stating facts.

Breezy said...

We've already done the tea, lunch, dinner and the show at AG. We just go and shop there now. I'm thinking I need a Chicago style pizza for lunch on Saturday.

We've done pretty much all the museums and such there. Maybe we'll redo Shedd's Aquarium, DD really liked that place.

MM said...

You two can have the number 9. :P

9 feels so unfinished to me. Did you know my twins were supposed to be delivered on the 9th but I refused? *giggle* So their b-day is on the 10th. :)

Happy Birthday to DD, Breezy! She will be 12, no?

kim (weltek) said...

I hate busy weeknights. I end up going into the weekend stressed because there's so much to do at home.

Have fun in Chicago! Happy Birthday, Breezygirl!

lights said...

1. I'm with you about having nothing happening after work during the week. Just one night I'd like to come straight home and veg.
2. Thankfully I have a week off before you and Carey arrive so I can clean. I won't make any promises that my house will be clean but the cottage will be.
3. The house is a disaster right now with the ongoing drywall and painting stuff. Everything from the kitchen and dining room are piled in the "wreck" room.
4. Water problems suck. *knocks on wood*
5. Happy Birthday Breezygirl! Hope you have a fun weekend!
6. Wanna borrow a duffle bag? I've got a lot of them.
7. Pooh is smart!
8. I just took a pee break in the middle of this.
9. Are you and Carey going to fight of this too? *grin*

augie said...

Where did Pooh post a list? Can you share because I really need a wardrobe makeover.

augie said...

And Lightsy? Bravie and Breezy fight about everything.


Trust me on this.


Breezy said...

*snort* we do, we really do.

It was in Weltek's "Clint? Tim?" thread.

Bravie said...

Pffft, no we don't.
Okay, yes we do.

Bravie said...

But in my defense, it's always Breezy's fault.

Breezy said...

*rolls eyes*

Bravie said...


kim (weltek) said...

Yes, Augie-head to OT. I've got just the thread for you.

kim (weltek) said...

And in my defense, I'm not a fashion idiot. I've just gotten lazy and have been shopping for cheap clothes for too long. I used to shop at nicer stores and I still keep up with what's theory. I just fell out of practice. That's why I needed some store ideas.

Anonymous said...

*laughes at Augie*

I am very lost and confused on this house thing. Is this new as in the past 30 days new, as in another new house?

I hope you have a great time in Chicago!

Breezy said...

No, we moved here in June.

frodis said...

I'm sure you will have a wonderful time here next weekend! I'd love to suggest meeting up, but:

1. I don't want to barge in on BreezyGirl's birthday weekend, and

2. Next weekend is Mr. Fro's and my anniversary and I have my fingers crossed that we're going to do something fun. Of course, come Monday I'll probably have nothing but cramped fingers since Mr. Fro's not much of a planner.

Breezy said...

Well Fro, I could give you my cell #. If you don't have plans and want to meet, we'd be willing. Ayla wouldn't mind at all.

frodis said...

Sure! Shoot me a PM. I'll have a better idea later in the week whether Mr. Fro will have picked up any of the heavy hints I drop.

dragonflies said...

Fro, just tell him you are going to schedule another peep meet, and he'll set up something right away! *grin*

Puffy said...

The clothes in the recent Penney's ad look like fugly clothes from the 60's.

Fro, this would be 3 peep meets in 2 weeks for you, right? LOL

Happy Birthday to Breezygirl! Millenium Park at night is nice.