Monday, February 18, 2013

A Year Later...

... and I still hate 1099s!!!

Kim made me.   I do miss blogs.  Honestly FB can be a pain some time, between the random pic/sayings that are posted constantly and the TMI?  I could go days without checking it, and according to my teen daughter FB is lame and boring.  I've decided that blogs are cool again then.  Right? Right!

Musing #1: How did I get so lucky and have a child that doesn't cause me daily grief?  I'm scared that I'll be paying for that in my life later.

Musing #2: Why can't my relationship be as easy as that?  Some days I think I'm not cut out to be part of a couple.  I crave solitude and aloneness too much, I think.

Musing #3: I want a lab puppy.

Musing #4: We've actually had a winter this year and I'm tired of it.  It can go away now.  It was pretty, it was cold, I relearned driving in snow/ice; now GO AWAY!

Musing #5: Daniel Craig makes me tingle all over.  Why is he the only Bond that really gets beat up?  DBF commented on that last night during SkyFall.

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kim (weltek) said...

Daniel Craig is the perfect Bond. *drool*

Let's hope Ayla just continues to be a great kid. My niece is really similar, but Ayla is smarter than she is. :-)

Being part of a couple is so stinking hard sometimes. I think it's easier for some people. The rest of us have to work really hard at it. :(