Friday, January 20, 2012

Mother's Curse

You all know about the Mother's Curse, right?  "I hope you have a child like you someday!!!"

Well, Mom, sorry but didn't work.  I have the best daughter ever.

I listen to coworkers and friends complain about their daughters and the mouth, their daughters and getting homework done, their daughters and bad grades.  I just smile and nod and try to say the right thing.

Ayla is 16, I know what was going through my horrid hormonal brain then.  I know what some of my friends were up to then, whether they had tried smoking.... drinking.... by 16.  I'm not saying she's an angel.... well not every day any way.  But she's pretty darn good.  She does her homework without being told.  She studies for test without being told.  She strives to get the best grade she can.  She helps out when asked to.  Is her room a mess sometimes? Yes.  Does she grumble about doing the dishes some nights? Yes.  But those are the little things.  I only want to fight about the big things with her.  Picking my battles. 


kim (weltek) said...

Yay! My 16 yo niece is the same way, except she struggles in school. She studies-she just has a hard time. She has to fight HARD for every B.

So, rock on Ayla! Now you can save those really big screw up-forgiveness points for when you are older. :-)

yoopernurse said...

Yea that's my Granddaughter she is talking about. Love you Ayla you too Wendy "smooch"

yoopernurse said...
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