Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Football Food!

What's on everyone's menu for this coming fabulous weekend of football?
You all have to celebrate with us.  Augie and her Ravens, Bravie and her Niners and me and the Pack.

I posted a healthy chicken nacho recipe to my healthy blog, that I might make for just me.  Ayla and Phil will turn their noses up at chicken nacho, they want beef! Well venison really but you know what I mean.  Although venison is very lean and healthy so may just make my half with more veggies and black beans.

Oh and have I mentioned lately? I hate 1099s.  What you've heard that one before?  Just last week?

Go Pack Go!!!!!

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kim (weltek) said...

You KNOW I'll be watching! We are going out all day Saturday, so will probably stay home with just the two of us to watch the game.

I'll probably make a pot of chili. It's been awhile. Well, technically I'll have Nolay make chili. Glad you asked so I can plan ahead!

We currently have a giant prime rib in the fridge thanks to a ridiculous meat sale my BIL found ($3.98/lb). We are cutting some into steaks, so I'm hoping tonight might be steak night!