Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Yellow Rose Turned Red

When Ayla bought me this rose bush 4(?) years ago it had yellow roses on it.
My beautiful $5 burning bush. Isn't it pretty?
Pretty weed, atleast I'm pretty sure it's a weed. It just comes up where-ever it wants to.

My purple, green and white corner garden. All those purples are Johnny Jump-Ups that reseeding themselves from last year. I have them all over in my big flower garden too. The green is Hostas and Vinca Vine. The white? Are annuals that just started regrowing on the old dead plant from last year. Weird. They never did that before. They are also regrowing in the big flower garden. Yay!


Swami said...

I think rose bushes are grafted a lot, so maybe the yellow roses were from a graft which died back, and now the red rose are from growth buds off the original, red-flowering root. That's my best guess.

You have a very pretty garden! Do you feed birds in the winter? Because the "weed" looks a lot like something in the sunflower family - a Mexican sunflower, a gazania, like that. A really short stem though. How tall is it?

yoopernurse said...

Great job Wendy looking good. The burning bush should be green this time of year Red in the fall. Not sure that it is a burning bush.

yoopernurse said...

Now that I took a closer look, the leave are not even from a burning bush. It is beautiful what ever it is.:)

kim (weltek) said...

I agree-that doesn't look like burning bushes that I know. But it's way prettier than burning bushes that I'm familiar with!

The "weeds" look like Fiesta Daisies that my neighbor has and I see a lot in seed catalogs.

kim (weltek) said...

Looks kind of like this shrub, but this says it flowers in the winter to spring. Did you notice anything, or is this your first year with it?

Breezy said...

Oops, it's Fire on the Mountain. I think? Someone called it that last weekend at the auction.

Swami the weed is very tall.

kim (weltek) said...

Yep, that's a variety of the Pieris I posted the link to above. Must be it.

yvonne said...

Very nice, Breezy! Your 'burning bush' is indeed pieris japonica *high fives kim*. I have a japanese japonica by the front door.

Love the plants that keep coming back. My vinca will do that, and I have a gorgeous purple pansy that comes back every year.