Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plant Deals

Went to the auction today and got some great deals on plants.

These 6 bushes for $2 a piece.

Two hydrangeas, $7 a piece.

Mom's flat of Impatiences, $2.

Flat of pretty filler, can't remember the name. $1


kim (weltek) said...

I am envious of your deals-I need some bushes!

maroonclown said...

That filler in the last one looks like Coleus.

And the light green shrubs in the first pic look like golden Euonymus

Good deal on the plants.

Breezy said...

It is Coleus and yes the two yellow bushes are Golden Euonymus. DBF says the purple ones are Prickly Burberry... or something like that. I wasn't listening. LOL

yvonne said...

Those are great deals! Lucky you.

Puffy said...

Excellent! Hydrangeas don't grown well in our yard but I love them in flower arrangements.