Saturday, May 16, 2009

GOTR 2009 5k

Our Girls On The Run 5k was today. I coached again this year and oh my. Middle School girls.... ummmmmm yeah. woooo.
You can see the black bandanas our school RP got for the girls. I'm going to bring silver and gold Sharpies to our party Thursday and have the girls sign mine and I'll wear it on my 3Day walk this summer.

Here's DD and S showing of their certificates that they finished the race. All the girls ran most of the way, which I was happy about. Practices haven't gone all that well, so I was pleasantly surprised.


Bravie said...

Yay for the girls and the coach. :)

Puffy said...

I had to google "girls on the run." I'm impressed! Nice job, girls.

yvonne said...

Yay Girls! Way to go!!!!

yvonne said...

Hey! Hows about an update?!?!?