Wednesday, October 15, 2008


During warm days of late winter and early spring, overwintering beetles in a wall space may become active. In their search for an exit, they may enter the home's living areas and become a nuisance. Warmer temperatures or lighting in the living areas may attract these active beetles as they search for an exit.


Bravie said...

I will NEVER EVER EVER talk to you again for as long as forever and ever.

Breezy said...


Bravie said...

Bitch!!!!!Little midget bitch.

Swami said...

Oh - I love ladybugs! When you have ladybugs your house will never catch on fire.

And yeah - I know I am probably missing some kind of OT reference here, but I don't care. I love ladybugs!

kim (weltek) said...

LOL! I'll admit, I'm totally grossed out, too. Tonight, wave three of my war on the asians.

Swami-Breezy was just poking at Bravie's phobias again.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Swami. I'm as lost as you are.

*waits for Breezy's COOKIES post*

Bravie said...

I told the little midget bitch yesterday that I was worried about these Asian Beetle things. She laughed it up and made fun of me and left it at that.
Last night I was so freaked out about bugs that I Googled them so that I would know what kind of body armour to wear to protect myself from these mysterious Asian Beetle Bugs. (please note that my only fear in life involves critters, gah *shudder* )
So this was a serious issue for me. I wanted to be properly protected from this beetle.
Well when I did the Google search I found out they were just ladybugs. LADYBUGS!!!!, not some mysterious beetle.
Little midget bitch did NOT inform me that the beetles I so feared were nothing more than ladybugs. She just let me think they were some monster bug and made fun of me. Just a mean little midget is what she is.
I am NOT afraid of ladybugs.

Tummy said...

Those orange ones bite! I know.
I didn't know ladybugs bit until I got bit by an orange one, and since when did we get ladybugs of other colors? Not that I'm prejudice or anything.

Breezy said...

Shhhhhh Tummy, I told her they can bite... but I know she won't believe that now. *snort*

Maroonclown said...

Tummy, you are so right. As much as I adore ladybugs, those little orange bitches do bite, and hard.

And sometimes the dark red ones poop on landing.

But they eat aphids, and that's a good thing.

Cute little ladybugs *smile*

Bravie said...

I hate you all.

Tummy said...

I didn't know that the red ones pooped on landing! I bet it's an itty bitty wittle poop! :)

Bravie, you're such a baby :) Ladybugs just want to get home, because their house is on fire and their children are alone! Sheesh *grin

Buggy said...


How did I stumble upon the Ladybuggy hating post?

I thought you all loved me??

( Oh and I have never encounted a whole big pile of them at one time, ooky)

Puffy said...

I used to see ladybugs all the time when I was a kid. I haven't seen a real one in years. Yes, I'm old.

yvonne said...

Why anyone would hate on Buggy is beyond me.

*glares at bravie*

lights said...

Buggy...I was really hoping you wouldn't have to see this. *sigh*

*glares at Breezy with Augie*