Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've become overrun

by CUCUMBERS!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I pick a bag full everyday. I've been giving them away to everyone. The tomatoes are also starting to ripen. Which reminds me I still have to find a canner.

So anyone want some cucumbers? Do you have a recipe for them?

Oh and yes I know. *rolls eyes* Cucumbers are really a fruit. They also don't end in a vowel. *giggle*


Anonymous said...

That disqualifies them from being president.

I have cukes from my neighbor. I would love some maters, but I doubt they ship well.

Swami said...

I love baby cucumbers! Tom likes tomato and cucumber sandwiches. I like to slice the cucumbers with tomatoes and green onions then squeeze fresh lime juice over the top, add some salt & pepper and eat!

My MIL always gives us bags of huge, old, overgrown pickles and turns the nice edible baby ones into nasty canned sweet pickles - which we hate and throw out as soon as we get home. The big pithy pickles we mulch, which is almost throwing out too. Every year we say we don't want them, and every year she forces us to put the unwanted overgrown fresh ones and pickle-ruined babies into our car. She just doesn't get it.

So when I want pickles I go to the Farmer's Market. Ungrateful DIL, aren't I?

frodis said...

Someday, I'd like to have a vegetable garden. Or a fruit garden. Whatever.

Right now I just don't have the knowledge/time/patience to have one. I really, really love fresh fruits and veggies, though. Tomatoes and cucumbers, yum yum yum.

I love cucumbers sliced with some sour cream (maybe you can use yogurt, instead, I've never tried) a little salt, a little black pepper, and a twist of lemon juice. It's absolutely a perfect side dish with a grilled steak and baked potato.

Bravie said...

I would like to have a vowel garden. I need more vowels in my life.

Zombs said...

I just like to slice them up and put them on my eyes and oobies.

Bravie said...

It prevents bags under the boobies? *runs to put cucumbers on boobies*

Julia said...

I pay a MILLION DOLLARS for my vowel-cucumbers.

It ensures top quality.

slice the cukes, and snack accordingly.

Swami said...

Fro - cucumbers sliced into yogurt are deliciousness!

lights said...

I've got a great recipe for icicle pickles. Dave and make them every year. Let me know if you want to try them. There are chopped green and red peppers, sliced onions and sliced cuc in the recipe. They're sweet (sorry Swami) and are great on sammiches or on their own.

Only wish I was closer and I'd take some. I have had NO luck growing cucs so I didn't even plant any this year.

dragonflies said...

I have cucumbers also, but only about 1 a day. It is good. I've only given away 2 or 3 so far. I have so many tomatoes on just 2 plants it is amazing. None are ripe, and they are taking their own sweet time too. And I have carrots and onions. Carrots are a pain in the ass to get out of the ground.

I will not say cucumbers are a fruit.

I cut them up fresh and sometimes put a little salt on them. I made cucumber salad last week for the first time. It was good. Mayo, some onions from the garden, pepper, salt and dill.

dragonflies said...

Frodis, I have NO experience with gardens, but mine turned out pretty decent this year.

I won't be planting radishes next year though. No one ate them, and they were really spicy.

dragonflies said...

Ooo, I have a recipe that includes cucumbers.
Turkey Lettuce Wraps
take nice leaf of lettuce, romaine, butter,etc
spread veg cream cheese on lettuce. sprinkle cut cup cucumber and handful of sunflower seeds on cream cheese. Top with slice of shaved turkey.
Gently press down and roll up.

87 calories, 7g carbs, 6g fat, 5g protein.