Thursday, July 03, 2008

FINE!!! My Summer Concerts

I went to two outdoor concerts this past weekend. The end.

LOL Ok fine, I'll type more.

Friday night we went to see Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley. mmmmmmm Dierks, he's yummy. It rained! Why does it always rain on the country nights at Summer Cel? DD and I hid out in the portapotties, and DBF stood guard in the rain. What? He had my umbrella. Finally the rain left and the concert started. Both Luke and Dierks were good, Dierks was great though. He puts on a really really good concert.

Monday night we went to see Julianne Hough, James Otto and Miranda Lambert. Some of you will know the first name, she's a professional dancer and has been on Dancing With The Stars. She also has a country CD out. She was pretty iffy, her voice doesn't have any power and she didn't have enough songs to fill a set. James Otto's ego was wayyyyy toooooo big for his britches. Miranda rocked! Lordy she has a voice. Course I sing Gun Powder and Lead just like her. *grin*


kim (weltek) said...

Better. :-)

Hm, I recognized that Juliana name, but couldn't place it. Thanks for the reference.

So, did you wear a cowboy hat, boots and britches?

Breezy said...

Ofcourse! I wore my Cruel Girl bootcut jeans. Yeeeeehaw!

LOL Bucky and Montgomery Gentry were last night. Bucky didn't get a very good review. Which doesn't surprise me, so not a fan. Heard his new one on the radio this morning "I'll Walk" *gag* OMG is it bad.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know she was a singer.

I hope the potty wasn't full - I don't know that I would want to hide out in there.

I have not been to any summer concert this year. Michael would like to go, I'd rather stay home or go to the pool.

Breezy said...

It was only the second day of Summer Cel, Boo. They were empty.

Bravie said...

But have you found your camera?

Breezy said...

Yes! I found it and plan on taking pics tomorrow at the pool party.

Tummy said...

I've seen Julianne's video, she's cute, not sure I would want to see her live though.

I think I would have been with your DBF under the 'brella. There's just something wrong with "we hid out in the portapotties" :).

Exactly where did you find your camera?

lights said...

It was in the porta potty, of course, silly tummy. *grin*

I'm jealous. I'd love to have seen those concerts. Except for the porta potty part.

Hope you're having a happy 4th Breezy! Any of that Southern Comfort Slush left? *wink*

Breezy said...

LOL Lightsy the slush went way too fast! It was yummy! DBF said I can make that again.

Puffy said...

I hope you found your digital camera so you could take pictures at the concert. I'd like to see Julianne Hough; not hear her necessarily, but just admire her beauty. How did she look in person?

We sat near the porta potties at the concert in the park I was at last night. It was interesting to see how many people adjusted their clothes after they came out of the porta potties.

ETA: I just read the other comments and see that you found your camera. Yay!