Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunny day Mad Gab

Wooohoooo it's nice today, going to be 70 degrees out. Course it's not going to last, back to 50's and rain tomorrow. *sigh* I'm never going to get my garden planted.

Everyone ready for this week's Mad Gab phrase? As always remember it's not what you see, it's what you hear. Another hint, for those of you struggling, say the phrase as if you were drunk. *grin*

Wee Glib His Neigh Sours

Hope everyone has a good week!


Bravie said...

If I thought I could win another prize, I might put more effort into it. *grin*

Breezy said...

But I still haven't mailed you your bracelet. *grin*

Swami said...

I'm playing. I just suck. And I didn't arrive here until
Wednesday for the only one I was ever able to spontaneously figure out!

I am way better at wuzzles, but those are pretty impossible to post in blogger's format. Well, you could put them up as a photo or something I guess.

Tummy said...

The drunk hint helped. I think I know.

Is there hidden font on here :)

Tummy said...

Ok, I'm just going to post it.

Weekly business hours?

Breezy said...

Tummy is the big weiner!

Anonymous said...

Go Tummy!

This one was hard. I spent 2 days on it and still didn't get it.

Tummy said...

Yay me! :) I'm a weiner.

Boo you just didn't get drunk enough.

dragonflies said...

dang, I just finally got the Just my size ones. And I even wear that brand!

MM said...

Something in my brain just refuses to understand this game. Can we try pictionary or something? ;-)

Puffy said...

I said the phrase as if I was drunk.

I got drunk.

I said the phrase again.