Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stupid me *head thump*

I made all those Easter cards and then forgot to mail them. *sigh* If I mail them tomorrow they'll all be late. Should I mail them anyway?

I'm sore today, why oh why did I sign up to be a Girls on the Run coach? Especially since I don't like kids *grin*, especially tween girls. I wasn't fond of them when I was one and it's not any better now. Help me come up with something to say to this ONE girl that at every practice says loudly "I smell armpits, it smells like armpits." *sigh* What I really really want to do is take her out into the hall and shake her and tell her to stop being a nasty little snot girl, and then kick her off the team. How about "(insert name), body odor is a very natural thing; especially when you exercise as we are doing. Everybody sweats and everybody realizes their own body odor, what are you trying to say when you say that? To me it seems like you're either trying to be funny or you're trying to make other girls uncomfortable. Either way, neither is part of the promises we learned last week. Please be a little more respectful to everyone." How's that?


Bravie said...

I actually don't see a problem with you doing that. Maybe approach her Mother first and tell her that you are going to bring this up with her daughter? Give the Mom a chance to say something first?
I don't know how you can do this coaching stuff. I certainly would have zero patience for snotty little tweens. *grin*

Breezy said...

I don't know her Mom, her Mom isn't at the practices.

One of the girls here, thinks the girl is trying to be funny because she's uncomfortable... I think she's just being a snot.

You didn't answer the Easter card question. *stomp*

Bobdechemist said...

Dump a bucket of stinky, garbage water on her?

Bravie said...

Send my damn card. *grin*

Bravie said...

If you weren't planning on sending me a card then I don't give a crap if you send them out to other people or not. *snort*

Breezy said...


kim (weltek) said...

Oooh, I like that. I like asking her to explain her point.

Frankly, I'd be tempted to not wear deoderant and shove her nose in my pit for a full 30 seconds, but that's just me. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you should send everyone's card but Bravie's.

And don't ask where my Easter cards are yet. I'm not near as efficient as you are.

I think that approach to the girl would be good. You could also tell her things could be a whole lot worse, she could be stuck in an email smelling poots.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and what other kind of promises are these girls making?

And no sympathy for being sore. No pain, no gain.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that should maybe say, "lots of pain, no gain."

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Conner would like some more popcorn.

Anonymous said...

These posts brought to you by a Panera Mocha. And Chikezie.

Breezy said...

Boo!!!! yeesh! *giggle*

The promises are things like.

I will be honest.
I will do my best.
I will do all my schoolwork.
I will respect myself and others.
I will listen and not spread gossip.

stuff like that. Girls on the Run is based on building girl's self esteem along with getting them up and moving.

Breezy said...

Oh and cards were mailed this morning.

Swami said...

I'm too late then. I was going to say mail them, but first scuff up the envelopes a bit or even run over them with your car. That way it looks like the post office screwed up, not you. Not that I have ever done that with my sister's birthday card or anything.

Once was trying to be funny. Saying it everytime seems contrary to the other stated goals of your group. Tell her that, and then just go with "shut up" if she repeats. :)