Monday, November 26, 2007

Advent Calendar

I normally buy the disposable $2.50 candy calendar every year. Well this year I found instructions to make my own. *big grin* But I'm out of time. *pout* So Target saved me, I saw this one in their ad this weekend. I'm going to pick it up at lunchtime.

I'll also grab a bag of Dove chocolates to fill it. Only the best for Christmas. *grin* I also need to grab a bag of doggie treats so I can fill Morgan's. I splurged and bought Morgan one last year at Pet Smart, I saved it though so I could just keep reusing it.

Ack forgot to ask! Do you have/use advent calendars? I grew up with them and DD has had one every year since she was 1.


Anonymous said...

Never had one. I think it's something I would like to start. Maybe I should go to Target today too. It would be my third trip in as many days.

And I agree about the Dove Chocolate. Dove Chocolate is almost like my local grocery store. *grin*

Zombs said...

I was just looking at that last night! It's really nice.

I never used one growing up but we did do the advent wreath, light candle thing.

I was thinking about doing it with the kids, but maybe next year. I was trying to explain how much time was left to the oldest and she just sighed and said "that's a looooong time".

Hint: Dove bits are the good tasting ones, dog treats? Not so much.

Bravie said...

I grew up with these. I didn't know what they were called but we had these growing up.

Swami said...

I think I had one a few times as a child but they were never an important family "tradition" - just a spur of the moment thing.

I don't remember candy though. Mine just had a little door you opened and it said something.

As an adult I am all in favor of anything that delivers a Dove chocolate every day for a month!

Breezy said...

We always had the candy kind. I bought it! Woohoo, but Target was out of Dove. *pout* Oh well, have to go to Rite Aid to get the $1 Kisses anyway.

MTW said...

$1 kisses at Rite Aid???? :)

We had them as young kids and our girls have had them, too. Mine never had candy. :(

Breezy said...

Yep $1 a bag after rebate. *grin*

frodis said...

That is very cute. I should get one of those.

We always had advent calendars growing up. In fact, my mom *still* buys them for us every year. She gave me three this year, one for me, one for Mr. Fro and one for Lauren. (They're just the cheapo kind with questionable milk chocolate inside but I like that she still gets them for us.)

I always used to get my advent calendar in my stocking on St. Nicholas' Day (December 6th) so I always got to open up 6 doors right away.

The Pottery Barn Kids catalogue had a Thanksgiving Countdown calendar that was exactly like an advent calendar. Do we really need calendars to count down to everything?

Zombs said...

Just the one on Auigie's blog Frodis.

Zombs said...

I would put something in that 25 box that pops out and scares Breezygirl.

momma said...

I had one for several years growing up. Up until my Dad moved out, I guess. I had forgotten all about that. *smooch*

I don't use one with the kids...maybe I should.

Schnookie said...

We used to have them as kids but I don't recall there being anything in them. Maybe they had chocolate. Not sure.

Frodi, you must have had a huge stocking for the advent calendar to fit into it.

dragonflies said...

I grew up with real advent calendars, from Holland. Now we just get them from the grocery store.

Breezy said...

Maybe that's why we always had them growing up, Grandma must have brought the tradition over.

kim (weltek) said...

But there are more than 25 days in December. You got ripped off.


Yes, I had advent calendars growng up. We had a subscription to the
"Christmas Around the World" books. Each year we'd get a book about Christmas in another country, an ornament and advent calendar. It's one of my fondest memories and I still treasure the ornaments and books.

Anonymous said...

So I went to Target last night to buy one. They had one left. One.

And, I pulled five of the knobs off right there on the shelf while I was "opening" them. A few of the doors didn't work either. I didn't buy it.


Breezy said...

Wow! That's bad. I tried all our doors and they work fine and don't fall off.

MM said...

Hi Breezy.


MM <--hopes she's right or Breezy will wonder what's up

Breezy said...

LOL Hi M&M! *giggle*

Puffy said...

No advent calendars here. I didn't know that they came with candy. I bet you could get a good deal on them on Dec. 26th.

Glowie said...

I love Dove chocolate. mmm.

I really like advent calendars. I don't have one though. Love the one you posted here.

It is SO freaking adorable that you got one for Morgan. (I'm making the dog cookies this weekend but I realize that doesn't help you now).