Friday, January 05, 2007

I need a fireman hat

I've put out more fires this morning then I have buckets of water. *sigh*

I'm just here real quick to say that it's that time of year again. You may see flashes of me *flash* but that is all. Work is insane for me in January, then we get into the business tax portion of tax season and then the personal.... and well you get the picture. busy busy busy

So if I miss something, let me know! I hate missing all the fun stuff.

Oh and? I bought my tickets to Hawaii to see my Mom. *hop* Be jealous. NOW. *grin*


Bravie said...

I guess this means I have to find a new best friend. *grin*

And YAY!!! *hops* for your Hawaii trip. I am sooo happy for you. And yes, a little bit gellus too. I want to go to Hawaii.

Breezy said...

*evil eye* That's not nice.

*big grin* So you want garlic macademia nuts, right?

Bravie said...

yes purty please. I love them sooo much. *dreams of eating the garlic macadamia*
You can buy them at the ABC stores or AEC stores? I forget the store's name. They are on every single corner in Waikiki.

kim (weltek) said...

I bet Fireman Larry will let you borrow his! Good luck with the whole tax-season thing.

I'm so jealous about you going to Hawaii! That's soooooo cool! I've never been there. Maybe I can convince my MIL to move there. Then I might get excited to go visit her.

Schnookie said...

You're going to Hawaii? WHEN? Carp, I might have joined you so I could see my sister. *pout*

I hate tax season because it takes you away from us. *pout pout*

lights said...

You can have the hat, I want the rest of the fireman, k? *grin*

I spent the morning putting out fires too. Crazy friggin day!

Why, oh why does anyone ever want to be a bean counter?

Nope, I'm not jealous one little bit. *wonders if that sounded believable*

Puffy said...

Did you go to see Ford's body? I have to file 4 tax returns this year.

Zombs said...

Sooooooo gellus!

How nice to go there. Mmmmm...I just love the smell of Hawaii.

Swami said...

Ah yes, I remember busy season from when Tom was a practicing CPA. Six days a week, twelve hours a day except on Tuesday & Wednesday when he worked really late.

Then he got a nice corporate bank job where he works twelve hour days twelve months a year, lol.

Enjoy Hawaii - it's one of my favorite places! Hey Nookie, I'll go visit your sister with you! Mine lives there too, in Kaneohe.

Bravie said...

Well I want to go to Hawaii with Breezy, Nookie and Swami. I too have a relative there. My cousin lives in Honolulu. And she is a hoot and a half to party with. We could really tear up Waikiki.

momma said...

I have an extra fireman's hat. But you'd have to layover in Texas on your way to Hawaii. *grin*

Anonymous said...

I miss you already.

Zombs said...

I have no relatives in Hawaii but I will surely suck it up and go too.