Thursday, January 18, 2007

How ironic is this?

In last night's local paper the front page story was about a local car wash being charged with littering because of all the people that dump their garbage there, because they don't want to pay for their own garbage service. The owner is working the police going thru the bags of garbage to find the names of the individuals that are dumping there, so they can be ticketing for littering.

This morning? As I was driving back to the house after dropping DD off at the busstop? What do I see? Foot tracks in the snow from my neighbor's house out to my garabage can that was at the side of the road for pick up this morning.

I laughed it off, but then someone said those two evil words to me and now I'm a little nervous. Identy theft. *shiver*


Bravie said...

You neighbor is probably just dumping their excess garbage in your can. My neighbors do it all the time. So do other people. I can't tell you how many times my garbage can had bags hanging out of them and they didn't belong to me.
As for Identity theft, just make sure you rip all applications in half. Anything else, either rip up very well or throw in a shredder at work.

Breezy said...

I normally do throw that stuff away at work, so it's shredded.

kim (weltek) said...

I agree with Bravie. Probably no need to worry. You sound reasonably precautious with your stuff anyway.

I had a garbage problem this week. Our garbage service is usually Tuesday. However, with Monday holidays it comes a day later that week. Thus, I thought garbage service was Wed. this week. Nope. I now have a bag to toss somewhere. I think Chris's work is going to be the lucky recipient.

Swami said...

We are pretty consistent about shredding personal info stuff.

I have often considered "overflowing" into my neighbour's garbage can because theirs is always half empty. But I never have because is feels like cheating to me.

Tom used to dump his overage into a dumpster by an apartment building. I could never do that.

I think most stores have surveilance cameras on their dumpsters. Car wash needs to set up a camera or two.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they were dumping a "body" in your garbage.

I'm very diligent about shredding, and we keep a special pile for things that need to be shredded. (I'm sure this surprises no one here.)

lights said...

What's this garbage service you speak of? Out here in the boonies we have to drive to the dump to dispose of our garbage.

I burn any papers that are of any importance in the fireplace. And, I rip it in half before putting it in the fireplace just in case. *grin*

momma said...

That is odd..and a bit freaky.

Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

augie said...

I was looking for something I had lost.




MM said...

Maybe you can casually mention it to the neighbor so they at least know you are aware of it?