Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Been awhile

And as I reread the front page here, I'm still in that same "bump" space I was a year ago. How sad!

I have a new, brand new treadmill. I've used it twice. *hangs head*

Ayla is in marching band again this year and I'm even more involved with the board this year, I'm a trustee on the board even! This weekend we will be at the Silverdome, we leave Friday after school and perform on Saturday. I'm chaperoning. *shiver* Sleeping on a gym floor. *double shiver*

I walked the 3 Day in MI this year, did you see my summary?

What's new with you?


frodis said...

I've missed you.

I, too, am in a similar, but different, bump as I was last summer. Some things have changed or evened out, other things are more bumpy, I think that the mid-life bump is more than one of those single bumps on the highway with the sign that says "bump" and is really more like moguls.

I know that sentence was a run-on and doesn't make a lot of sense but I refuse to go back and edit it.

Still, I've missed you.

kim (weltek) said...

Oooh, how was the weekend band trip? The Lions are tearing it up this year!

Glad to see your virtual face around here. *smooch*

kim (weltek) said...

Oh, and I was thinking of you, as we'll be up in the UP this coming weekend. Well, I'll also be in Holland, MI this week, but it's a superpacked overnight trip with a group from the UW. We are looking at furniture. Weird, I know.

Anywhoo, we are going to Marquette and Sault Ste Marie. Just brewpubing and hanging around after some time in northern WI with Chris's mom.

Breezy said...

Wait. Are you in Holland today? Will I see you and Wheezy!?!??!

Puffy said...

My son was in marching band and it was such a wonderful experience. We chaperoned the band when they went to Washington DC and New York.

yvonne said...

I just updated too. I was stuck in July, so it wasn't too bad. :-)

Breezy is a Band Nerd Mom!!!!