Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hello mid-life bump

I can't really call it a crisis, it doesn't feel that horrible or that big. But I do feel a bump in the road.

My weight, mood and life seem to be in constant flucuations in the past few months. B/C is causing migraines at end of cycle, so have been playing with different types. Hello weight and mood swings; and still having migraines. I'm old!!!!!! Wahhhhhhh when did I get this old?

Along with the mood and weight is an identity bump (still won't use the crisis word, LOL). I hate my clothes, I have a closet over flowing and can't figure out what to wear. So currently scouring the net looking for ideas and basics. I need the basics. Signed up for Misssmartypants and now have a plan. Feeling a little better about it, just need to now implement it in my closet. Purge!!!

Life is going to be crazy busy now that school is starting. Getting DD to her marching band practices, football games and competitions, while still having some sort of life of my own is going to be tough. Enter FlyLady.... again. *sigh* How many times have I tried to Fly? I started my Control Journal today and will try again to organize cleaning and organizing my house and life.

Training mileage is down, down a lot. It's been the hottest summer on record here. It's hard to walk in this heat... than add in DD's marching practices and trying to enjoy the summer before it's gone. And training mileage is way down.

When I think about these issues and am in a clear mind (which I am right now), I know that exercise would help with 80% off my issues. It would help with the weight and mood, and mood would control a lot of the rest. Right? So why can't I get back into the workout groove?

I turn 40 at the end of the month. Coincidence?


Tummy said...

Sorry about the migraines! I hope you can find something that works for you soon.

Here's one way to look at your mid-life bump - better it be a mid-life bump than a mid-body bump, if you know what I mean. :)

40's aren't so bad. I'm edging closer to 50 all the time. Soon I'm going to have to start telling people I'm 56 so they ooh and ahhh over how young I look. :D

I'm sure you're stylish no matter what you wear.

kim (weltek) said...

*hugs* My advice (thought you didn't ask!) is to let go of some of the guilt. The 3 Day training can begin to feel like a job with the time required. Look at it this way: It's about fun, awareness and fundraising. My longest walks were 12 miles this year-shorter than any previous year, and there were fewer of them. I got less blisters than ever before and made it all 60 miles with no other pain. There was a point in June where I'd freaked about not having the time and the weather not cooperating. I was fretting at night and couldn't sleep for a few nights. Then, I decided to let it go. I still took walks, they were just shorter, and they were mostly on the weekends when I had time. And I decided I'd just have to be ok with that. The stress went away.

For me (and this surely varies from person to person), if I can keep working out three times per week, for less than an hour each time, I'm more likely to stick with it. The more likely I am to stick with it, the better I feel, the better I eat, the more time I have to focus on the more holistic "happiness" and organization in my life. We can't do it all 100%, so I'm learning where I can give and take.

darcidoe said...

You Old Hag!! Quit whining!
Seriously though, you just have to start with something (like walking) every other day. According to a book called Brain Rules, you only need to do 30 min. of exercise a week in order to get benefirs (mentally anyway).

yoopernurse said...

40 was my best years. I finally knew who I was.

Bravie said...

Don't be bringing any of that crap ass attitude out to California. *stomp* *grin*

yvonne said...

40 does rock. You finally know who you are. It'll be okay, girl. You'll be fine.

If it helps, my migraines are easing up. I don't think I'll ever be done with them, but they come less frequent and are not quite as horrid as they used to be.


Anonymous said...

I too am sorry about your migraines. I have another friend who is suffering from those as well. I think she has tried some sort of honey remedy. Not sure what that is.

I like the word bump as opposed to crisis. I have been feeling the same way, and I also find mid-life troubling because I hope 38 is not really the middle of my life.

I will agree with Kim about the 3-Day training. Also, just keep in mind that you don't have to be a speed walker during the event. Make sure you take your breaks and that you stretch and rotate your feet at stop lights, etc. Maybe not roate, but flex?

I can offer no weight advice. I'm training for a fricking tri, and I've lost 2 pounds.