Monday, October 19, 2009

You all should be jealous

I received my signed copy of Echo today. *hop* So excited!!! It's even a personal one! Just like DD's Auel book. So cool.
Oh yeah, and you can be jealous that I have the best sis in the world too. Thanks Sis!!!


Tummy said...

I am gellus - way gellus!

Looks like she has change the cover design again.

Enjoy your read.

Swami said...

Oh, I am so totally jealous!

And this lovely delightful book ended with several balls still up in the air!#!#! So today is day three of my wait for the next installment. *cries*

If Gabaldon ever goes the way of Jean Auel and just stops publishing then I will really, seriously cry.

darcidoe said...

No worries she saya there is atleast another book yet.
You are welcome sister dear.

kim (weltek) said...

Aw, that was sweet!

Tummy said...

Picked up my book but I think I'm going to re-read them all again as I'm sure it's going to be another few years for the next one.

Breezy said...

They said on the Lallyboard 3 years Tummy. That's going to kill me! I'm almost finished with Echo and still need more answers!!! *sigh*

yvonne said...

I do not know of this Echo. Please explain cuz you know I love to read.

yvonne said...

And? Lallyboard?

I feel like I accidently stumbled into a secret club that I had no idea about and now I feel like the total loser. *whine*