Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 Day Chicago!!!

Opening ceremony was wonderful, and dry!

The route was beautiful, we walked through the Botanical Gardens and then along the north shore and big beautiful homes. The rain did come, right before lunch and it didn't stop the rest of the day. Just would get lighter at times. Great pic of me, eh? *snort* Not only did I feel like a wet rat, I looked like one too.

Saturday started out with rain, but stopped. Yay!!!!! In Mount Prospect we were deputized by the pink police and yes even saw pink firemen. What a wonderful bunch of men!

The neighborhoods we walked through Saturday were extremely supportive and kept us going for the day. This is a pic of the Pair Tree.
Look! It's Frodis and her beautiful children here to cheer us on! It was nice to relax with them and eat frozen grapes. I even got to hold Jeff, he is too cute. *babysmooches* Saturday night was nice and dry so I took some pics around camp. The sea of pink tents and our dining tent.

Sunday started out warm and only went up from there, heatwise. I was already wishing for an ice bucket to dunk my bandana in at 8 in the morning. Here I am walking in from the lakeshore towards the Chicago skyline. Kimmer was told to rest her one really bad foot, so she met up with me at lunchtime.

There's Kimmer! She joined me at lunch and we continued to walk towards the city skyline. I wanted so badly to jump in the water.

I had to stop in the shade a few times Sunday, the heat was really getting to me. But we did finally make it to Soldiers Field!!!
And Closing Ceremony! We saluted those that walked that were also Survivors with our shoes (and nobody even noticed the smell LOL). The flags were returned to the Survivor Circle and the ceremonies were done.

The 3 Day was an amazing amazing experience, one I will never forget. Thank you to everyone for your love and support.


Bravie said...

Yay!!! More pictures, please. :)

Anonymous said...

I expected a short summary. :)

I think the best part of the whole 3-Day is the people along the way. Be it the cops, the firemen, the cheerers. It's the support that is the best.

I forgot to mention this in Kim's post. My nephew woeked for the botanical gardens up until last year when he ventured to Iceland and now Seattle to find himself.

kim (weltek) said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got pictures. So, did you get that frame out yet????? And did you remember to send your training chicky a card?

Breezy said...

The frame is still in it's box, but will be coming out.

I sent out a card to her yesterday. Then found out today that I have a woman that works at a client's walking it too! I may have to send another card at lunchtime.

Puffy said...

Great pictures. This is such a terrific event! Thanks for telling us all about it.

Bravie said...

Yay, so glad that it was all that you wanted it to be. *smooches* to you and Kim.

Glowie said...

Thanks for sharing pictures. This is such a wonderful event. Yay you!

yoopernurse said...

wished I could of been there in person to cheer you on Great job!!!