Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What not to wear?

I need a personal shopper. I'm tired of looking messy/frumpy. Over half of my clothes right now are 2-3 sizes to big for me... yet I still wear them. Why? Because I hate clothes shopping! Hate it. I have no clue what to buy, what looks good on me. *sigh*

DD and I are going shopping this weekend. I plan on atleast getting a new pair of jeans that fit. But I'm askeered that, that is ALL I will come home with. I always start out with good intentions and then get frustrated trying things on.

Can anybody help me? Or am I beyond help.

Bravie and darcidoe do NOT need to answer that last question.


Bravie said...

*tapes mouth shut*

Kimmah said...

basic pieces that you can mix and match with. you must have:

black pants

after that, add whatever feels comfortable:

solid turtlenecks or long sleeve t's
white shirt
basic cardigans or knits to layer
black or gray skirt
denim jacket
neutral jacket/blazer

i have a ton of tanks that i can wear under v-neck sweaters or cardigans or jackets. they're cheap and an easy way to change an outfit. i also buy lots of layering pieces so i can wear the same shirt more than one way.

black pants are my staple. if i have black pants, i can ALWAYS make an outfit.

Breezy said...

I have a pair of black pants that fit. *grin*

darcidoe said...

You can't make me be quiet!! Of course you need help. I would suggest you not go shopping with a teenager if you are sick of looking "messy".

yvonne said...

LOL @ Darci! I have to agree...most teenagers have mastered the messy look. Ugh.

I love clothes shopping, unfortunately my budget does not allow for a complete overhaul (which is sorely needed). *pout*

Happy New Year, breezy! *smooch*

Breezy said...

Happy New Year Augie!!!

Darcidoe don't you think it's about time you started a blog?

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for work clothes or casual or both?

I used to love to shop at BMoss. Two months ago I bought a really cute sweater and skirt - the store was fully stocked. I went in the week before Christmas - Liquidation sale. And apparently they have closed all of their stores.

Eddie Bauer is my other staple. I just bought a new pair of jeans so now I have two really good-fitting pairs. My problem has always been what to wear with jeans. I don't do heels and am more comfy in tennis shoes.

If I were your size I would probably go to The Limited.

Gah. I'm sorry, I know I'm no help.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Kimmah.

kim (weltek) said...

One piece of advice: Don't rule out alterations. If you find something that fits great, but is too long--pay $20 to get it tailored. I've walked around with a lot of things that just needed basic tailoring. And never buy something borderline too short in the legs or arms. It looks worse after 20 washings than it did in the fitting room mirror.

Buggy said...

You need a Xmas sweater!

( not that I would own one, but there has to be some way to tone down your cuteness factor)


Puffy said...

Look on the bright side. How wonderful to have clothes that are TOO BIG!!

maroonclown said...

*wheels three way mirror into blog*

Long pointy shoes make the leg look longer. - not so sure about this but its a good excuse to buy shoes.

I agree with Kim. Your tailor can be your best friend. So can your bra-fitter.

And the bestest jeans (besides Levis 501's) that I've found are the Gap Long and Lean - Ankle Cut. I am neither long nor lean but they make me look that way.

Buy some basic pieces in black, brown and grey and punch them up with colour.

And always keep a roll of double-sided tape handy if you have an issue with button-front shorts, IYKWIM.

darcidoe said...

Why would I start a blog when it is much better to make snarky comments on someone elses? *evil grins*
You need to go shopping with someone who will actually tell you something looks hideous on you. You should come out here, we could meet in Seattle and I could get you all tricked out.

Breezy said...

Cause maybe some of us want to make snarky comments on YOUR blog!

Maybe I'll come out and do Bloomsday again. Yes?

Is Mom still there? Going nuts yet? LOL

darcidoe said...

Bloomsday would be good too.
Now why would you think that Mommie Dearest would be driving me nuts? *waves to Mommie Dearest*

Kimmah said...

huge props for Gap Long and Lean. I don't actually own them because I'm not buying them until I can wear an 8 without looking like I've donned denim spandex, but I like to to the Gap just to try them on because I love the way they look.

Oh, and I would never be classified as long nor lean, either. Very sneaky the jeans are. I'm also a Levi's girl from way back.

Christopher Banks and New York and Co. also have some relatively reasonably priced basics. I have a lot of pants and skirts from those shops via Goodwill and Junior League Bargain Mart :-).