Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tummy, I hope you saved the SS addresses and lists somewhere. We lost the last 5 months on Blows. I don't have my SS's address anymore! PM's are gone for that time too.

Oh, OT is back up. Carry on.

Or not, Webby posted a message to not post there. Hopefully he's trying to restore the last 5 months. *crosses fingers*


Tummy said...

Yeah, I saved them. IN MY PMS! ACCKKKK.

I'd say that unless it gets righted today, everyone's going to have to send them to me again.


byoffer said...

Is RTVW really back? It's still not working for me.

"Ack!!" about losing all those pms. Luckily I did record my SS target's address outside of rtvw.

So what happened? Is there news about this anywhere else? What is our backup plan??? I really think it was short-sighted of us not to have a backup.

*fingers crossed that it returns soon*

Tummy said...

I can get to it if I go thru my favorites.

Don't know what happened. I think it's in test mode.

I have pm's from 2003, so who would have thunk that it would do this. I think it's only short-sighted because hind-sight is 20/20 :)

Bravie said...

I can't get back on.

Tummy said...

People are already resending me addresses :) Yay!

Glowie said...

OT is back up?
We lost our PMs? *sniffle* Some of those were really sentimental.

Glowie said...

I still can't get to OT.

Tummy said...

I get there with that address. Webby has locked the one thread that was being posted to, so I'm assuming that it's still in a fragile state of mind :)

Tummy said...

Temporary forum:

Anonymous said...

I only lost PMs from March on of this year. So I still have some good stuff.

Dammit, I lost my lovely PMs from Singer. *grin*

Tummy said...

I lost my Manga siggie *pout

I added the link to the temporary forum to my blog.

Bravie said...

I can't remember my password so I can't sign on at all.