Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Mad Gab Tax Day!!!!

Do you have your taxes done? Are you anxiously awaiting your stimulus payment? I plan on using part of mine to redo the kitchen, it needs it bad.

Here's today's Mad Gab phrase, remember it's what you hear not what you see. Oh and to all of you who say you can't get these. Neither can my Mom *waves to Mom*.

Putty Stale Beet Weenies Legs

Have fun! As promised, I did an easier one this week.


frodis said...

I'm just here to giggle at "weenies".

Weenies. Hehehehehe.

My taxes are done. I've already received my state refund, and am waiting on the Federal. We got a bigger refund than I'd expected this year, so I'm happy. Getting to deduct a kid helped a lot! I think I should have 6 more!

I always have to wait to do my taxes because I have to wait for a K-1 from work, which takes forever.

I think we're going to buy a new fridge with the economic stimulus payment.

Happy Tax Day, Breezy!

Bravie said...

Got my federal refund this weekend. It's already spent and gone. Who knows when I'll get my state taxes back. As for the stimulus, I'll put it in my vacation fund.

Anonymous said...

I haven't spent my refund yet. DH and I actually had an argument last night about our refund. I can't believe that for such an intelligent man, he can be so f-ing ignorant about certain things. I'll leave it at that for now.

Frody, the baby is a big plus, but I don't think you need 6 more. Maybe just 5.

*goes to Orbitz to check out flight fare from San Fran to Richmond*

Anonymous said...

Oooh, oooh, I think I know it.

sometimes you have to walk away and then come back.

Swami said...

I don't get these Mad Gabs, but this one sure sounds dirty. You all must have really strange accents.

We actually filed returns on time this year, instead of just getting an extension. Paid the State online and will get a small Federal refund.

I think the whole stimulus payment thing is stupid, but I will accept my check nonetheless. My current plan is to spent it locally, being careful to buy nothing foreign made. I foresee a summer of Art Fair experiences!

Breezy said...

Lightsy got it, did you?

Puffy said...

Something about Puffy stealing beets, hot dogs and chicken legs?

We scrambled to do our taxes before our vacation, so they've been done for a month. No refund here.

lights said...

What's this stimulus payment you all speak of?

*giggles @ the weenies*

Kimmah said...

Put his tail between his legs.

I mailed our tax returns off today...do you think myrefund will be in my account by Saturday?

Tummy said...

Hey, can anyone play around here or is there a special snarky handshake?!

Buggy said...

Put his tail between his legs!!!

I finally got one, without peeking!

I am the proudest dork in the room today.

Buggy said...


Hey Girl!

Kimmah said...

we're getting a huge refudn that will be diverted to the property tax office and my savings account. I'm sure Mr. Kim will have some dire emergency that will require extra funds, but he'll be shit out of luck because it's staying.in.savings. I am going to buy him a new desktop---it's tax free weekend in two weeks and I can get a little extra off on a Dell thru school.

We're going to take a small, cheap vacation with the stimulus, I think. I haven't actually told my spouse this, but I think it will be the best way to spend it.

Breezy said...

Yay Buggy!!! You can be the big weiner this week!

Hey Tummy!

Kimmah, I think part of my stimacrap payment is going for a family vacation too. We're going to drive out to Mt Rushmore.

Buggy said...

I won?

I won!!
I'd like to thank all the people who helped me get where I am today!
*blows kisses*