Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moose Fest

This weekend is the annual free concert from the local country radio station. Moose Fest!!! *giggle*

Here's the line up:
Sweet LouBranded
Drew Davis Band
Catherine Britt
Lee Brice
Carolina Rain
Jason Michael Carroll
Ty Herndon
Heh, the only ones I know are Jason Michael Carrol and Ty Herndon. Hopefully it will be a good time. Last year, DD and I went down for a little while. But it was too hot and the lines for food and drink were way too long and slow, so we didn't stay long.
Do you have a local radio station that puts on free concerts?


Anonymous said...

I've heard of Ty Herndon.

We have something called Friday Cheers that has free concerts, but we haven't been in a while.

There is also something called Innsbrook After Hours. But it's not free. It does have cool bands sometimes.

Breezy said...

We have Parties in the Park every Friday evening, local bands play at it. They're free.

Jason Michael sings Alyssa Lies and Living Our Love Song.

Bravie said...

We don't have any that I know of. There isn't much that is free in the Bay Area.
In the city where I work and where my parents live, they have concert in the park every Friday night but they are little local acts. Nobody that would be heard of anywhere else. They are mostly put on to bring families together in the park on Friday nights.
Golden Gate Park will sometimes have free concerts in the park. But not very often anymore.

kim (weltek) said...

I've only heard of that Ty guy, but no clue what he sings.

We have lots of free stuff in the summer in Madison. Usually it's all sponsored by the city, though. The radio stations put on concerts, but they all require admission. I always think of Silverstar when WJJO puts on Band Camp every year. It reminds me of something she'd enjoy.

Rose said...

Ty Herndon is creepy. I worked crowd control at one of his concerts, and he was just plain creepy. I can't explain why. Just ewwww.


Puffy said...

We have free concerts in the park, free concerts at the mall, free concerts at a shopping center, free concerts in the street by the Hyatt hotel, and pay concerts sponsored by the oldies radio station.

Rose said...

*points up*

show off.

MTW said...

I guess I'm too old for free concerts. I think my DD goes to some though.

Will you bring some Moose Munch to Moose Fest?

kim (weltek) said...

MMM, Moose Munch should be the sponsor and hand out free samples.

momma said...

I've heard of the bottom 3. We have two radio stations that put on free big name country concerts each summer. The last one I went to was a couple years ago - SugarLand was the most unknown band at the time.

Breezy said...

Rained out, didn't go to Moosefest. *pout*

kim (weltek) said...

*moosebombs Breezy*

lights said...

Hey Breezy ~ you okay? Saw lots of scary weather on the Detroit news tonight. Hope you're safe!


Not sure who else is in that area but I hope you're all okay.